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Learn more about Guided Art Sessions with J.H. Deaton.

The purpose of guided art sessions are to help artists of any and all ages to create unique art that resonates with meaning. After teaching art for many years, Jim Deaton has worked to refine his teaching methods to personalize the art experience for all those who wish to learn. Whether one on one or in a group setting, students will be helped in order to take full advantage of the creative process and make art that will stand the test of time.

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Personalized Guided Art Sessions

Located at in-home studio. $40 weekly for hour long sessions. Any and all ages! Art supplies will be provided except in special cases. You will create unique, meaningful art with the guidance of Jim Deaton.

Guided Art Sessions With a Group

Grab your friends and make some art!

Location is flexible! In nature, in the city, or even in your home. Price dependent on situation. If you come to my studio, the cost is $40/hr. (1 person) + $10/hr. for each additional person with a 2 hour minimum. All basic supplies are provided. Learn how to paint with acrylics or to make other art projects. Each member of the group can create their own individual piece of art, guided by Jim. For more information, click here.


  • Join your child in art lessons!  Jim can adapt lessons to all levels so you can work together on projects!

  • Bring your kids and grandparents and have a generations art project!



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Studio Time with Art Coaching

   Imagination Activation!

What's great about this service is the flexibility. Book studio time and work in a space with professional easels, lighting and an experienced artist ready to assist you to overcome creative, technical, and conceptual obstacles. I'll help you get set up, go over any procedures regarding your type of project, then let you get to work! I will be working in the studio and remain completely available to assist you as needed. You can bring all of your own supplies or we can agree on a fair price for me to supply them. All of my arrangements are individually flexible, as each artist may want to do things differently.

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