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Group Lesson Information

Any and all ages and levels may form a group

For group sessions in studio there are options. This is not  a situation where everyone needs to draw or paint the same subject matter. Advance communication by email or phone between participants and Jim will help to facilitate a well planned session with individual goals for each person.  Another way to do this is to come as a group to a free consultation at the studio where we can all discuss  the above in a synergistic group dynamic. Media, sizes, and time frame will be decided upon. Personal plans with meaningful possibilities will be developed. Prepare by considering the following...

  • Think of a few experiences, real, imaginary, or even memories of dreams, that have significance to you.

  • Note those experiences and ask yourself why you chose them.

  • Use your responses to "why" to help discover the essence of what causes you to assign importance to your personal experiences.

  • Use the "essence"  to create the basis for your subject idea. Expressing this essence may be accomplished anywhere from realistic to completely non-objective.

  • Consider and note options

  • Which option stands out to you? Why?




The approaches in studio can certainly be adapted to conceptual variations. Flexibility with structure will be our entree to the creative process.

After each participant has considered and jotted down responses, it is time to set up a schedule. We will open our session and identify a starting points for each of you.

Most likely, multiple sessions will be needed. However, certain media and approaches can be tailored to fit a particular time frame.

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